Sale of Company

A sale of the business, including succession is an important decision that places great demands on both the sales process and the sales strategy.

The company must be presented the best way in the sales process, including the commercial and strategic opportunities for the right new owner to continue the business successfully.

We seek out and attract interest from both international industrial buyers and private equity funds and we structure a sales process, focusing on maintaining the momentum in order to achieve the agreed success criteria of the transaction.

In cooperation with the company and its owners we analyze and qualify the company’s position and opportunities in the market, including:

A commercial and financial analysis that forms the basis for a valuation of the company

    • Build-up of a sales case with memorandum and other sales material to efficiently present the company and the fundamental value drivers
    • Identifying and contacting potential buyers
    • Planning and managing the process and coordination with other advisors of the company
    • Assisting in both initial and final contract negotiations together with other advisers and assisting in closing the transaction.


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